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Have you given your all
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The strength and resiliency of the human spirit helps humanity to survive against all odds. While it is in our nature to grow and survive, we sometimes need a little help to inspire us to be better persons. So what inspires you? We share with you some of the most inspiring real-life stories. Who knows? Maybe one of these stories is just what you need right now to realize that you have so much more to give.
Nothing Can Keep Derek Redmond from Reaching the Finish Line
Redmond is a retired British athlete turned motivational speaker. He broke the 400-meter record twice at the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games.

Video Courtesy of WUBC & Crosspoint

He won medals in the 4x400 metres relay at the World Championships, European Championships, and Commonwealth Games but what really defined him as an athlete and turned him as a symbol of courage is when he finished the 400-meter race in the Semi-Finals of the 1992 Olympic Summer Games despite suffering from a painful hamstring injury.

Prior to the 1992 Olympic Games, Redmond already suffered from injuries that prevented him from playing in the previous Olympics. With the 1992 Olympics, he was hoping for just any medal. But mid-race, his hamstring snapped and he fell to the ground. The medical crew brought a stretcher to pick him up but he refused to go. Instead, he slowly lifted himself to his feet and hobbled down the track to continue the race despite the agonizing pain from his injury. His father ran past security to help him and together they crossed the finish line as the crowd cheered on and gave him a standing ovation.



Levi Martinez
Levi Martinez is the author of the blog "LivingLifeToTheFullest". After her pregnancy, Levi had a difficult time losing the baby weight.

At first, Levi thought the journey was just about weight loss, she realized she needed to lower her high cholesterol levels if she wanted to live longer. After a month of using C-Lium Fibre and changing her lifestyle to a healthier one, she lost 5 lbs. But her journey doesn’t end there. “I will not stop until I reach my goal to look good, be fit, and healthy again,” says Levi.



Carmela Bobis
Carmela Bobis is the brains behind the blog "Shy Girl's Own". Her love for food and inactive lifestyle lead to her to gain the excess weight and high cholesterol.

Already in her 30's, keeping tab on her health is now a concern, especially since she wants to be a mom someday. Losing the weight was the first step. With the C-Lium journey, she is on her way to reaching her health goals.

“My main goal to LOSING MORE is to become a better mother, and for me,
LIVING MORE is a reward to enjoy what God plans for my life.”


Ryan Cavell Ong
Ryan is a regular C-Lium user. He is an advertising native who works and lives by stress, and yet he turned to C-Lium and is now fit and healthy! Watch him talk about his battle with stress-eating and his goal to achieve a healthy direction in life.
Mike is a 29 year old C-Lium regular user who shares with us his story of overcoming hypertension and diabetes. Mike tells us his commitment to a healthier lifestyle and his secret to looking younger than his age!
Divine Caraecle
Author of "Divine's Memoirs", Divine Caraecle's main motivation is to live longer for her kids so she can care for them and see them grow up.

She admits she has never been challenged to lose weight. If not for the C-Lium journey, she wouldn't realize the huge need for fiber in her daily diet. “My main motivation in embarking on this journey is to live longer for my kids and be able to take care of them,” says Divine.



Philip Bisnon
Carmela Bobis is the brains behind the blog "Shy Girl's Own". Her love for food and inactive lifestyle lead to her to gain the excess weight and high cholesterol.
“I started to bring it to the next level, by exercising more, doing the right eating habits together with lots of fiber intake”

Philip Bisnon was addicted to food and he is guilty of being spoiled by his grandmother. His unhealthy habits kept on going until he felt some tremors in his chest area – he had palpitations and couldn’t breathe. From then on, he started to switch to a healthier lifestyle by playing tennis, eating healthy and an increase inincreasing his fiber intake. From 266lbs, he is now 201lbs!



Mauie Flores
“My Sugar Free Sweet Life”, that’s the name of Mauie Flores’ blog that chronicles a diabetic living her sweet life to the fullest.

She is thankful of how C-Lium helped stabilized her blood sugar levels-- something she values as a diabetic. Mauie now has more to look forward to as she plans to have another baby and wishes to grow old with her husband and see their children's dreams come true.



Michael Francis Acebedo Lopez
Mike Lopez believes that to look and feel young, one must have the willingness to commit to a healthier lifestyle. “Looking young and feeling young undoubtedly goes beyond the physical.”
Aaron Dela Paz
Meet Aaron Delapaz. He says "Aug 2012 - 110kg. Aug 2013 - 86kg. Lost 24kg or 52 lbs! Dropped 2 shirt sizes and 3in on the waist. I intend to be more healthy with regular exercise, healthy food and the help of C-lium. Smile! It can only get better."
Lady Bell Dimapilis
“I want 4 kids and be able to keep the body of a teenager” WHO DOESN’T?

When Ladybell had a baby, she realized she needed the energy to push herself to be healthy and fit by using C-Lium and balancing family life and her career as a businesswoman. Meet the petite 27 year old as she tells us how optimism in achieving your goal always helps!



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